From Ribadavia to Compostela

The path is the oldest old Roman road that started in Braga towards the north of Galicia and passed through the lands of Ribadavia.From here, the Portuguese pilgrims followed the old mule track that brought the wine to Compostelaye and entered through the Puerta de Mazarelos.

In Ribadavia

Miñoto Ribeiro way.

It is one of the oldest roads in the Iberian Peninsula, and it was even used by Xelmírez on his visit to Sé bracarense The current Galician Wine Museum was the wine farm or priory of Santo André de Campo Redondo, being one of the most precious possessions of the most powerful monastery of Galicia, San Martiño Pinario.

Camiño Miñoto Ribeiro Association


The historical heritage we encounter along the way is astonishing: Roman roads with ancient pavement, mediaeval trails, monasteries, old hospitals, churches, wine cellars, and historical town and villages

Thermal waters

Along the way there are numerous hot springs, used by pilgrims on their way to the town of Santiago, the apostle, in the past especially those who suffered from leprosy.


Incredibly rich all year round and at any stage of the route, the nature is overwhelming with an amazing variety of flora and fauna.


The road to Santiago has for centuries been a transport route for the wine from Ribeiro. The earliest mentions come as far back as the 12th century.

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